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Designer Profile

JAREL ZHANG is a Chinese designer whose colorful approach to fashion, coupled with the brand’s core-concept of fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, has made him one of the country’s brightest young talents. Describing his aesthetic as “futuristic, philosophical and structured”, he focuses on technical outerwear, creating unisex clothing for both men and women, which is functional but at the same time conceptual and personal, drawing on his life experiences.

In the last F/W 19 collections, he delved into the signification behind the origin and the evolution of life through the exploration of the “Born to Be” theme. His S/S 19 collection, “In Your Eyes”, pondered over the diversity characterizing the human memorizing cognitive world. The F/W 19 Jarel Zhang collection encouraged people to keep an exploration spirit about them, wherever they are. Moreover, in his work, Jarel Zhang insists on analyzing all the discoveries and challenges human beings can be confronted with through a philosophical viewpoint, using thus the fashion media to give body to our inner life philosophy.

Brand Profile

After graduating in 2015 at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Jarel Zhang launched his brand after his own name, “JARELZHANG”, and in 2017, he revealed his work as a part of the official schedule at the New York Fashion Week. In 2018, he was featured on the “30 under 30” Forbes Celebrity list. For the F/W 2019 series, the JARELZHANG brand was included on the official Paris Fashion Week schedule, where the designer continued to present his work.

Jarel Zhang has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Vogue Runway, ELLE IT, ELLE ES, BAZAAR, The Business of Fashion, i-D, Arena Homme+, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and more.

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