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Designer Jarel Zhang has a double master’s degree from Northumbira University and UAL-Chelsea College of Art and Design. He founded the brand JARELZHANG in 2016, and was invited to release the latest series at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Beginning with 2019 Fall/Winter season, JARELZHANG officially entered the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week. In the same year, Jarel Zhang was on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list of successful young talents.


Founded by designer Chenxuan Zhang, the avant-garde individual fashion brand JARELZHANG is inspired by the exploration of the future world. It integrates the spirit of exploration and functional theory into fashion, and ingeniously combined the aesthetic concepts of the East and the West. Its 2019 Fall/Winter series was officially on the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week, becoming one of the most closely watched young brands in the world at present. JARELZHANG has also received much attention from the media, and its products and future development have been highly praised and expected by ELLE, VOGUE, WWD, BOF, BAZAAR and other famous fashion magazines.

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